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4 December 2024 - 6 December 2024
Vienna, Austria
REvaluation Conference 2024
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Open until 6 December 2024


FH Campus Wien

Favoritenstraße 226, 1100 Vienna

How to get to the Conference Venue

by public transport

Vienna has a fully integrated public transport network we highly encourage you to use. The closest public transport stations, both located about 500 metres from the FH Campus Wien, are:

  • Altes Landgut (underground line U1, bus line 15A)
  • Alaudagasse (underground line U1, bus lines 16A, 17A, 19A, 67A, 67B)

For full orientation see the PDF map of the Vienna Public Transport System.

  • Between Sunday and Thursday, the underground runs from approximately 5 a.m. until about midnight. Trams and buses normally stop running a bit earlier.
  • On Friday and Saturday, as well as on the days preceding public holidays, the underground operates continuously for 24h and thus runs throughout the whole night.
  • Both during the week and at the weekend, NightLine buses complement the existing services between 0h30 a.m. to 5 a.m.
  • You can plan your public transport trip with the route planner as well as with the WienMobil app for Android or iOS.
  • The public transport system is in large parts designed in an accessible way also for people with physical disabilities, hearing or visual impairments.

Tickets that could be convenient for you:
Single journey EUR 2.40 / Day ticket Vienna EUR 5.8 / 24 hours VIENNA EUR 8 / 48 hours VIENNA EUR 14.10 / 72 hours VIENNA EUR 17.10

For information on further types of tickets, including tickets with discounts for touristic attractions, see Wiener Linien.

by bike

Why not arrive by bike, celebrating the European Year of Cycling 2024? The city of Vienna has an ever-growing cycling network and offers public bicycle rental services. You can find plenty of bike racks at the conference venue.

Photo by Anthony Beck on pexels
Photo by Anthony Beck on pexels

How to get to Austria

by train

Information on train schedules and ticket prices can be obtained from the Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB or WESTbahn (connections from Munich or within Austria only). The ÖBB Nightjet offers night trains from and to multiple locations all over Europe. Please note that both train companies offer attractive low prices for early bookings!

From Wien Hauptbahnhof (main station) it’s only a 5-minute ride with the underground line U1 to the conference location.

by plane

Via Vienna International Airport VIE or Bratislava Airport BTS. Both airports have a good public transport connection to the city of Vienna. You can find detailed information on the airport transfer from VIE below. For connections to Vienna from BTS please visit the transport section of the BTS Airport website.

Information on CO2 compensation services can be found here:

Airport Transfer from VIE

Train Connections

The Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) run a Railjet service that connects Vienna International Airport with Wien Hauptbahnhof (main station) in approximately 15 minutes. Single ticket: EUR 4.40 From there it’s a 5-minute ride with the underground line U1 to the conference location.

There are also direct connections from the airport to the city centre with the S7 suburban train.

Airport Shuttle Service

The City Airport Train (CAT) offers a direct connection between Vienna International Airport and the city centre (Wien Mitte) in 16 minutes. Tickets: single EUR 14.90 / return EUR 12.45

From Landstraße (Wien Mitte) underground station, you can reach the conference location in about 15 minutes by taking the U4 underground line to Schwedenplatz and then changing to the U1 line to Altes Landgut. Alternatively take the U3 underground line to Stephansplatz and then change to the U1 line to Altes Landgut.

Vienna Airport Lines

The Vienna Airport Lines offer a direct bus service between Vienna International Airport and several stops of the U1 underground that you can then take to reach the conference location: Wien Hauptbahnhof (25 minutes) / Wien Morzinplatz/Schwedenplatz (22 minutes) / Kaisermühlen-VIC (30 minutes). Tickets: single EUR 10.50 / return EUR 17.50

Taxis and Car Sharing

For more information, please visit the relevant sections of the VIE Airport Website:

Photo by Ramon Perucho
Photo by Ramon Perucho on pexels

Where to stay in Vienna – Hotels and B&Bs

We did not pre-book contingents at a specific hotel. Public transport in Vienna is excellent, so most hotels located in the centre and the southern parts of Vienna will be a good choice. For your convenience, we recommend choosing a hotel close to underground line U1.

The following selected hotels located close to the venue have kindly agreed to offer special rates for the conference participants: 

  • Hotel Johann Strauss (Green Hotel) 
    14 min to FH Campus Wien, <10 min to city centre by public transport

    There are 20 rooms reserved until the 4th of November 2024. Follow this link for your reservation with the following special rates: 
    • EUR 243 Double room for 1 person per night incl. breakfast
    • EUR 270 Double or twin room per night incl. breakfast
    • Alternatively, you can also book a single room directly at the Hotel website, at rates currently between EUR 157.50 to EUR 190.00 per night (the prices might rise closer to the conference date)
  • Hotel Eiteljörg / Panoramaschenke
    21 min to FH Campus Wien (alternatively 32 min including 23 min of a nice walk through Kurpark Oberlaa), 40 min to city centre by public transport

    The conference dinner will take place at the restaurant adjoined to this hotel. When booking, mention that you will be a guest at the REvaluation conference dinner on the 5th of December and you will get offered the following special rate: 
    • EUR 96 per night incl. breakfast
  • Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna (Green Hotel)
    16 min to FH Campus Wien, 16 min to city centre by public transport

    You can get a 10% discount when booking your room directly on the hotel website, using the following code: ??REvaluation10??
  • Hotel Schani Wien (Green Hotel)
    16 min to FH Campus Wien, 18 min to city centre by public transport

    Follow this link for your reservation with a 15% discount on the flexible, variable rate. The link is valid until the 18th of November 2024.
    Cancellation conditions:
    • No cancellation fee in case of a cancellation more than 6 weeks before arrival.
    • In case of cancellation within 6 weeks of arrival or no-shows, you pay 100% of the booked services!
  • Hotel Kaiserhof (Green Hotel)
    20 min to FH Campus Wien by public transport, 10 min to city centre by foot

    We haven't made a special agreement with this hotel. 
    • from EUR 127 single room
    • from EUR 173 double room
  • Boutique Hotel Nossek
    20 min to FH Campus Wien by public transport, directly in the city centre

    We haven't made a special agreement with this hotel.
    • from EUR 110 single room
    • from EUR 200 double room

You are interested in further green hotels in Vienna? Have a look at the list of Green Hotels.

There is also a number of B&Bs close to the venue: 

  • Pension Kasper
    23 min to FH Campus Wien, 30 min to city centre by public transport
    prices per room and night:
    • EUR 61-99 single room
    • EUR 81-198 double room
    • EUR 65-122 double room for single us
  • Gasthof-Pension Unsinn
    15 min to FH Campus Wien, 32 min to city centre by public transport

    prices per room and night:
    • EUR 50 single room
    • EUR 70 double room
  • Pension Silvia
    19 min to FH Campus Wien, 29 min to city centre by public transport

    prices per room and night:
    • EUR 54 single room
    • EUR 74 double room
    • EUR 9 breakfast per person/night
  • Pension Gruber
    16 min to FH Campus Wien, 23 min to city centre by public transport
    prices per room and night incl. breakfast:
    • EUR 49 single room
    • EUR 66 double room
  • Pension Ribisch
    10 min to FH Campus Wien, 17 min to city centre by public transport
    prices per room and night incl. breakfast:
    • from EUR 58 single room
    • from EUR 92 double room

Copyright Photo: Therme Wien

Suggestions for your free time

In case you feel like extending your visit to Vienna or just feel like having a relaxing finish on Friday afternoon, here are some suggestions: 

Therme Wien

The Thermal Spa of Vienna is located in proximity of the conference venue. Just take the underground line U1 a couple of stops to "Oberlaa" and you're there. We're currently trying to arrange a discount for conference participants. In case of success, we'll publish more information here.

Wien Museum

You can easily reach the Vienna Museum with the underground line U1, getting off at "Karlsplatz". The permanent exhibition "Vienna. My History" is free of charge and can be visited without a ticket. In addition, there are usually also special exhibitions you can visit. 

Photo by George Milton on pexels
Photo by George Milton on pexels

Additional Information

Photographs and recordings at the conference

A photographer will be present at the conference to document the event. We will store the photos locally and publish some of them on our website, via social media channels (private Linked-in group and X) and possibly in future publications – exclusively in connection with the fteval platform. If we use a picture that depicts one clearly identifiable individual, we will contact the person to obtain consent.
Recordings are only made in plenary hybrid sessions and shared amongst the participants (within B2Match). Should we intend to make parts of the recording available publicly, we will collect the consent of the speakers and panellists involved. Should you have questions, please contact us at conference@revaluation2024.eu


Information on Vienna and its cultural and recreational offers. Interactive city map of Vienna.


Information and contacts for people with disabilities travelling to Vienna.
Our venue is fully accessible. You can find more details and contacts on the website of FH Campus Wien. Should there be any questions or aspects you need assistance with, don’t hesitate to contact us: conference@revaluation2024.eu – +43 660 687 89 28

Local Time

Austria uses Central European Time (CET), which is GMT plus 1 hour (summer time – between March and October – is GMT plus 2 hours).


220 volt AC. Plugs and sockets conform to the European norm. It is advisable, however, to bring an adapter with you.

Foreign Representations in Austria


Visa Requirements (if relevant)

If applicable, a valid Schengen visa must be obtained before arrival in Austria. Delegates requiring an entry visa must submit their request to the appropriate Austrian authority at least three weeks before their expected travel date. In general, the appropriate authority is the Austrian embassy or consulate general in the country of residence of the applicant. It is recommended to consult the website of the embassy or consulate general in good time before the intended date of travel. For information on Austrian embassies and consulates general abroad, please see BMEIA.

We kindly thank the Vienna Convention for their support!

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